Bonsai in the Park 2018

This event was a great success, even more visitors than our last show in 2016 and once again a big donation was made to Lupton House which is operated as a charity.

Peter’s demonstration of a larch planting on a big piece of bogwood caused a lot of interest and this was followed by a pot making demonstration by Dan Butler.
Peters larch demo on bogwood

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This is a slideshow of some of the exhibits by members and invited guests.

The plants (‘accents’) which are displayed with bonsai are a special love of our members. These appeal to non-bonsai growers as well! Here are some accents:

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We had a number of people interested in coming along to our meetings and we welcome them whatever stage of growing bonsai you have reached or are just starting. We all had to start somewhere!   Please get in touch if this site does not give you the answers you are seeking or if you want to know more about a particular meeting.   We also have a Facebook page, link is in the side menu.






Accents Galore

At our November meeting we decided at a rather late stage, to ask members to bring things we can use for accents but they should not be plants!  Was this a challenge? Well look at these images and get inspiration from them!

Petra elephant suiseki
A rock with elephants!