2019 Programme

We have some important updates to events: 

Sat 16 March we shall also be auctioning a few trees of one of our members who now finds his age and health mean he needs to reduce his collection. He has some fine trees created over the years. Please bring cash to pay if you win a bid as we do not have a card reader.

Mon 1 April we shall have a silent auction for three pots created by Dan Butler the bonsai and art potter at our show. He has since glazed them and kindly donated them for the benefit of club funds.  When you attend, place a piece of paper with your name and what you are willing to pay for a pot and put it in the correct container.  The winner will be the highest bid – please bring cash as we do not have a card reader.

Mon 5 August our assessor for the critique will be Peter Brown, a long established and top class grower of bonsai.

SDBS prog