Peter was on hand with his bag of tools and members brought their own if they had a tree that needed some carving. Peter advised (large image) that carving should not just be removing wood but to cut in around behind the bark and outer area to create a more natural looking shari or uro.

Smaller images: Gordon having a go at a test piece.  Peter showing the way, Steve stripped ready for getting to grips with his monster, Peter’s twin trunk hawthorns, Gerry preparing his tree and Dilly being surprised on carving to find the core of the English elm was in fact already hollow – an added bonus!



One of our members opened his garden to society members recently and what a treat it was.  His garden, though not large, has a number of areas separated by shrubs and the occasional bigger tree. His collection of stones, mostly limestone and wonderful old wave worn wood are set in places to create little surprise areas.  He has an area where he can display some trees for photographing, or the odd dish that is too good to use!   Enjoy!