Conifers and evergreens are very popular subjects for bonsai, they have a uniformity in their foliage which provides a more pleasing outcome for some people. Some of the most famous bonsai trees in the world are conifers.


An evergreen is not necessarily a conifer though. Take yew trees for example, you will not find cones on them, but they are green all year around. So if you didn’t spot it, that is the difference. An evergreen keeps its foliage all year around, a conifer bears cones. A conifer is not necessarily evergreen, and as I have already said an evergreen does not have to be a conifer.

As with all trees, you will need a different approach to growing each type. Remember the article on growing junipers that I have covered on here? Well, you will need to find that page to look up the technique for those. Most of the evergreens can be treated like deciduous, they do their main growth during the spring and summer and just tick over in the winter in the UK.  In hotter countries of course, growth can be fairly steady all year round so that presents different problems with growing bonsai in those climes.

Hinoki Cyprus
Hinoki Cypress

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