We had a visit from Ritta and Mark Cooper who have extensive experience of not only exhibiting bonsai and accents (or companion plats) and winning awards in the UK but also in Europe and Japan.

Mark began by giving our group an overall visual explanation of how they came to acquire their knowledge which they would be sharing with us later in the day. This was followed by a demonstration by Ritta of how to prepare a tree for exhibition, weeding and cleaning the soil and the pot and how to place moss on the surface.  Wiping the non glazed pots with a non fluffy rag and a dab of camellia oil or some other not-too-gloopy oil (not olive oil!) and rubbing it away with the hand leaves a nice clean, not shiny, finish to an unglazed pot.

Ritta tree prep1
Cleaning the trunk and pot


Ritta tree prep3
Placing the moss on the top soil

After lunch Ritta gave us a quick demonstration on creating kusamono (mixed plantings) and kokedama (moss ball plantings) and then we began the workshop.

Creating a kokedama with keto soil and moss, see below
Ritta kokedama


Ritta kusamono1
Ritta Peter Lynda
Suitable plants


Creating the mossball
A finished planting

Here we are displaying some of our creations. All in all a very enjoyable day for everyone.

Kusamono workshop May 2016